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Sweet Potato Fries


We take pride in hand selecting only the freshest sweet potatoes for Walnut and Company Sweet Potato Fries treats. Each sweet potato is hand selected, scrubbed, sliced, and washed again before making it to our dehydrators. There are no additives, no chemicals or dyes – just pure and natural goodness!

Sweet Potato Fries (60g)

Our single ingredient, all-natural, chemical-free sweet potato fries treats are perfect for dogs of all sizes. These treats work incredibly well for indoor training and a much healthier alternative to traditional doggy biscuits.  Depending on the size of your dog break into small manageable pieces before feeding. Because of the thin, crispy texture most dogs tend to chew the sweet potato fries instead of swallowing them whole, which is great because it naturally slows them down.

While the sweet potato fries work wonders for indoor training, they are considered lower value and may not be as effective for outdoor training, where your dog is exposed to more distractions.

Try some of our high values treats, like beef liver, chicken gizzard or beef lung for outdoor and high distraction use.

Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

  • Rich source of Beta-Carotene
  • Good source of Minerals (potassium, manganese, and magnesium)
  • Contain calcium, Iron, and zinc but low in sodium
  • Higher in fiber, low in fat (great for keeping your dog “regular”)

Storage Information

  • Store in a cool, dry area and away from direct heat and sunlight
  • We recommend the treats to be consumed within 90 days after opening
  • Moisture will reduce its shelf life, please handle all treats with clean, dry hands

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